Thompson Water Treatment Plant Upgrades


The project will provide the customer with an upgraded water treatment plant with improved process and environmental control.

The following are items some items off upgrade:

  • PACL Skid and control Panel
  • Polymer Skid and control panel
  • Chlorine Scrubber and Sensor Unit Upgrade
  • HRU and MAU Unit Upgrades
  • MCC replacement and upgrade
  • CCTV System Upgrade
  • Valves, Actuators, Flow meters, Mag meters upgrade


Project Info

  • Owner: :
    Vale – Manitoba Operations
  • Project ::
    Thompson Water Treatment Plant Upgrades
  • Location: :
    Thompson MB
  • Project Type: :
    Bid Spec
  • General Contractor: :
    Millennium Mechanical Contracting
  • Consultant: :