An environment comprises the totality of an organism's surroundings. In business, the ability to control one's environment is increasingly recognized as essential to enhancing people, products and profits.

At best, contaminants such as dust, pollen, noise, microbes, mold and contaminants can combine with abnormal temperatures and moisture to create unpleasant working conditions and impair efficiency of people, products and processes. At worst they can combine with potentially deadly consequences.

The necessity to control these conditions is only matched by the complexity of the mechanisms offered to do so. Air distribution systems, central cooling plants, compressors, condensers, cooling towers, converters, fans, pumps, rooftop units, steam distribution, thermal energy storage systems, valves, dampers, water loops and zones, or any combination thereof, are just a sampling of the options available.

Tri-Star Automation prides itself on understanding the complexity and necessity of the environmental controls. This is exemplified in both the range and depth of HVAC controls, services and solutions Tri-Star Automation exercises expertise in. Organizations requiring HVAC solutions for niche necessities such as: clean rooms, cooling, refrigeration, dust collection, energy management, power engineering, filtration, heating, indoor air quality, pollution control, ventilation, sound and vibration, trust in Tri-Star Automation's demonstrated record of customer centric attention to detail and innovation.

Tri-Star Automation's assembly of experienced technicians and engineers provide a full range of HVAC controls, services and solutions including: environmental and energy audits, feasibility studies, concise consultations, customer-centric designs, cost-effective customized installations, maintenance, troubleshooting, detailed documentation and training.

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